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Dress: $1,200 | Shoes: $400 | Jewelry: cheap stuff from Charming Charlie | Being approached to model the pictured attire while walking down the street of Miami with zero intentions of purchasing anything from the store: Priceless. #networkfornetworth

Other than the obvious (like investing and generating residual income), there are some day-to-day things you can do that may help you set the tone on how you can achieve the goal of making big money. Please note: setting goals to make lots of money and have nice things is not a greedy dream, so let’s set that straight right here and now … wanting better or more is not always a bad thing, so don’t ever let anyone bring you down or make you feel bad for having big expectations for your life.

What is important to know and remember, though, is that in order to be rich, you have to first, realize that you don’t become rich by money alone ... and second, in order to become rich with money, you can’t spend like you’ve got it when in reality, you don’t.

So, I tell people this goal of mine ... to be a millionaire by the time I’m 30 years old … or at the very least, to make six figures by the time I’m 30 … and the reaction can be amusing. Some are gung-ho, some turn their nose up, some laugh. All opinions are irrelevant ... but the point is, I truly live and breathe the strategy I’ve created to achieve this goal and so far, things are starting to fall into place quite nicely. I am increasing my sources of income, my network, and my personal value, and I've done so through hard work, time management and lots and lots of self-talk, self-love and reflection. If you, too, have similar ambitions, see below. 

Baby steps. Here’s how you start:

Number One: Live like you're poor.
Do not, I repeat, do not “stunt” if you can’t afford to stunt. You can minimize this desire by not giving a flip what others think of you. If you own your car free and clear, but it’s old and a little dingy, why give in to the gram and the book and the media, and spend thousands on a new Beamer that you can’t afford right now just to floss on em? Why would you purchase material things to flaunt, when it eats you alive inside knowing you no longer have that money you were saving for your vacation next year? … If you want to be rich, you’ve got to live like you're poor. 

Number Two: Start saving money.
Hold yourself accountable and start saving now. Start small … start big … whatever … just start. A dollar a day, a hundred a week, whatever you can do … DO. You’ll thank yourself later when you get that flat tire or need a new A/C. Be wise and put some aside for emergencies. If there aren’t any emergencies, then congratulations. You just got a little more for that lively experience you’ve been saving for.

Number Three: Get rid of toxins.
It's all about your outlook. If you're a downer, perk up ... whether it’s from a dead end job, relationship or atmosphere, there is no excuse for your bad attitude ... get rid of the toxins that make you a meany! Debt can be a toxin, too, so when you make money, pay off the debt. It’s hard (and basically pointless) to have a savings if you have debt, so pay that off first. You’ll be surprised how free you start to feel once you get rid of the bad in your life. Unpleasant people, angry co-workers and bad vibes are each enough to weigh you down alone ... Add debt to that and now your entire life is toxic. Change it. Surround yourself with people who are wise, knowledgeable and who can teach you something. Stay away from the poisons … this includes bad spending habits. Fix your outlook so you can bring in the good. 

Number Four: Meet new people.
Take advantage of new opportunities. Network for net worth—one of the sayings I live by—because your network determines your net worth. The more people you know, the more people you can help and in turn, the more people who can help you. Don’t be afraid of new experiences, relationships, and friendships—everyone who enters your life does so for a reason …. Learn from them at the very least. You never know when your paths may cross again.

Number Five: Focus on your own shit.
Don’t worry about what he said, she said, they said, they did or they thought … your goals are about YOU and your vision and ambitions. Keep your focus on your own shit … your own ideas, your own objectives, your own plans. What’s meant to come to you will stay. What’s not is irrelevant. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t compare your money to others. Focus on your own shit.

Number Six: Think strategically.
Write down your plans of how you intend to become wealthy. Get serious with it and be realistic. Don’t run yourself ragged—just be smart. Strategize. If you’re going to the grocery store and need to also stop somewhere that’s nearby, plan it out. Every dollar matters. Save your gas by making convenient trips. Think strategically … even when you go out with friends. If you know you’re going to an expensive restaurant with girlfriends and don’t want to opt out entirely, eat something light before you go so you don’t have to order as much for dinner. Order water instead of soda or alcohol. Skip dessert. Be strategic.

Number Seven: Be aware of your spending habits.
Write down what you spend—this is my biggest tip. If you don’t NEED it, don’t buy it. Starbucks ain’t cheap, but coffee is. Either cheapen your load or break the habit. What you don’t need, don’t buy. Period.

Number Eight: Prioritize.
Get your priorities in order … If you want to be a millionaire by the time your 30 like me, get in touch with your goals and set priorities. Of course, you want to be a free-spirit and go with the flow, but you can do so with order. Make a bucket list of everything you want to do and get serious about time frames. Make things happen by putting it together in an order of importance. Pay off this bill, visit this place, do this task … then budget accordingly.

Number Nine: Realize that money doesn’t make you rich.
No amount of money in the world can replace the time you spend wasting on mundane things, people or circumstances. You must realize that what makes you rich is happiness … experiences … love … relationships … friendships … learning new things … growing … believing in something … setting goals, working towards them and achieving them … If you want money to stunt, you want money for the wrong reasons. If you want money to fulfill the richness of your life and the lives of others, then you’re on the right track. Be whole with yourself and be in love with every minute of your life … if you aren’t, stop and think about why you aren’t … and become rich within. Go after things that fulfill you. Money doesn’t fulfill … it just helps pay for the things that are fulfilling … like flowers for your partner, honeymoons and family vacations, and experiences that will expose you to new opportunities to create memories with the ones you love.

Four and a half short years to go until it all happens for me ... I guess I better get to workin'. Good luck to you all. #dreamsdontworkunelssyoudo #networkfornetworth