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Being happy is awesome, spectacular, super-duper … It’s GRAND!!

But let’s face it … It’s hard out here for a pimp.

You go each day attempting to better yourself, attempting to make better decisions and be nicer and be patient, and maybe a little less aggressive. You love others, choose to listen and be kind, and really go about making your day and the day for the people in your circle much more pleasant. You try to be the positive in their lives and in your own life.

But, it’s hard. It’s hard to stay focused when everything around you thrives on distracting you or bringing you down … People disrupting your happiness because they are unhappy, situations taking wrong turns because of your impulse reactions due to the unhappiness of others … we get it ... It’s hard out here.

So, when you experience these conditions or when you experience the world around you falling into negative pits, the flavor of some people's presence becoming displeasing to your taste buds because they put you down, how do you cope? How do you handle it? How do you stay focused and shake off the shackles of the blah-ness you feel?

Easy … You create a life with purpose, wake up with that purpose and each and every day, you pursue only things that define and bring you closer to fulfilling that purpose.

If your purpose is to spread love and help people, then each day when you wake up, you start your day with a loving heart and a helping hand. You go the extra mile to help others in need through love.

If your purpose is to create change for yourself in hopes that you can change peoples’ lives in the process, then each day when you wake up, you engage in your surroundings and you take in every detail so you can put it down on paper for others to read and take something away from it.

The harsh reality, though, is that many people live a life without purpose, direction or vision. They don’t really set goals or make plans, don’t really have long-term commitments ... they just mosey on by, are the culprit of creating unpleasant experiences, fall victim to "what he said and she said", and believe that is life … and that is fine and dandy if that’s the life you choose.

However, for those who do live this kind of life, please don’t take your ways out on people who are on a different journey. If you’ve got issues and drama and nothing nice to say, just kindly keep it to yourself. Unless it's constructive criticism, it's just criticism ... from critics with no credentials, bad track records, and conniving ways. Those who wake up early to go chase the dreams they have and the opportunities they wish to form don’t need to be distracted by your problems and the problems you choose to create for those around you. 

When you live a life with purpose, you can’t wait to wake up the next morning to go pursue it. You don’t get off track because you’re so excited about bringing in the good and about living that life that what others say, do, think or feel is irrelevant, unless of course, it’s your family, friends or significant other.

Defining your journey is the best thing you can do. Setting goals and plans to achieve the goals is what makes life purposeful. No one wants to feel left out … no one wants to be put down ... no one wants to feel bad every day … no one wants to be unhappy. So, why are you? And a bigger question, why are you trying to make others unhappy in the process? Go find what it is that fulfills you and watch your world change.

You can’t focus on things that repel, and things (like hot men, more money, and better opportunities) are going to continue to repel until you love yourself, and you don’t love yourself until you break down the barriers of what it is that makes you unhappy and why it is that you feel like you need to make others unhappy, too.

Change the way you see happiness and watch your level of happiness change. It will increase because the invaluable things you keep chasing, the good, kind-hearted people you keep causing problems for, the scenarios you keep cooking up in your head to harm others is why you are where you are and why people with purpose, who have big smiles, big hearts, and big retirement accounts, who wake up each day to pursue that purpose and who know who they are, are where they are.

Be nicer. Be brighter. Be kinder. Be passionate. Be strong. Be wise. Be happy. And if you can’t be those things, don’t make those who are those things feel sorry, hesitant or unsure of their purpose and the people in their life who make their journey so purposeful. Life is about enjoying the ride. Start enjoying yours.