Fleeking at Hope Bash.
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Fleeking at Hope Bash.

Fleek ... another urban dictionary word that has taken over my vocabulary.

I actually don't mind the word fleek. I secretly kind of like it. It isn't yet as annoying or outdated as the phrases "Bye Felicia", "I can't even", or "Thot" "Bae" "Basic" or the actual "Nae Nae" ... I think we're still hitting the Quan, though right? ... Man, I can't keep up. 

But I CAN keep up with fleek because fleek is something I've been on at one time or another ... I like to call it fleek-nasty ... Fleek-nasty because I like to get my fleek on like Missy Elliot and she nasty ... in a good way. #iputmythingdownflipitandreverseit 

Being on fleek isn't something you plan, it just happens. You're either on fleek or you're not ... Just like your hair ... Some days it's perfect, other days it's a step above looking homeless ... It's really just about balance, but when you're on fleek, there is no guessing or questioning whether or not you are ... You just know and so does the world, because if it isn't evident in your appearance to the naked eye, I'm sure it is in one of your multiple selfies ... especially the one with the caption under it that says "on fleek", accompanied by the hashtag "#onfleek" ... Social media really helps us let the world know how on or off fleek we are. 

So, here is how you know if you're on fleek:

  1. You post a selfie and someone comments "on fleek".
    For example, you post a selfie of your perfectly drawn on eyebrows and your BFF writes: "Brows on fleek".
    BAM! You're on fleek!
  1. You post a selfie and tell people you're "on fleek".
    For example, you post a selfie of your false eye lashes and caption the photo: "Lashes on fleek" ...
    Voila! You're now on fleek. 
  1. People see you in public and tell you that you're "on fleek".
    For example, you're walking through the mall and run into your homegirl and she says: "Girl I love those shoes. You're on FA-leek!" ...
    In that exact moment, you become fleek-nasty and officially, are on fleek. 
  1. You look fleeky on the outside.
  1. You feel fleeky on the inside ... And that's what matters most ... How fleeky you feel at the core. 

And there you have it. Fleek is like swag. If you're on fleek, your swagger or personal style is just right. Your vibe is on point. You're just ... On fleek. You feel me?

Hokay, So! Here are some things that can be on fleek. 

Any sort of fashionable accessory
Anything your heart desires
Did I say eyebrows?

I hope you go out into the world with a better understanding of how the fleekness works. And if you don't get it, don't worry--Neither do the other millions of people on this planet who use the word. =)

Have a fantastic, fleeknastic day!