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Have you ever had something awesome happen to you where you felt super proud and accomplished? Or have you ever dated someone who you thought was extremely charming, kind, handsome and equally beautiful on the inside who made you feel all fluffy? And while you were on cloud nine feeling amaze-balls about all your successes and evolving relationship, a select few plus 20 had something negative to say about it? Sound familiar? All too familiar over here. 

Waaaaay too often, people hear something, make assumptions and run with it. They speak on what they think, or what they believe or perceive, when in reality, they actually have no idea. They are quick to judge, quick to critique and quick to offer their opinion when nine times out of ten, you didn't ask for it.

*Thoughts to myself: Do you feed me? No. Do you pay my bills? No. Are you going to feed me? No. Are you going to pay my bills? No. Do you want to make babies with me? No. Do I want to make babies with you? No. Are you my mom, dad or brother? No. Then why the HELL do you think my life choices require your validation?* 

In addition to the unqualified critics who actually have quite a few problems of their own to be worried about, there's also the group of people who dig into your life to create drama where none exists because that's all they know. They thrive on negativity because their own life is so messed up they can't bare the thought of someone finding happiness the way you found it. They aren't happy for your growth or your strength or your ability to be a bad-ass because you're the epitome of what they desire to be ... A bad-ass who uses her full ass.

Meanwhile, these people have only been living their life at a half-ass level ... half-ass relationships, half-ass careers, half-ass efforts, half-ass commitments, half-ass goals, half-ass life. Their brains are small, their minds are small, their packages are small. (Take the latter however you see fit). Small minds discuss people and those people are miserable. Misery loves company ... the result? Their negative actions towards you. 

However, despite the efforts of the fuckboys and girls who try to ruin your happiness (excuse my word choice, but there is no better word to use to describe the douche-bags who try to suck the happiness out of your life), continue to be happy. Continue to thrive and evolve and travel and learn and grow and love. Continue to be all that you are. 

Be bigger than the chaos, be wiser than the drama, be so fucking unfuckwithable and awesome that everyone you meet feels completely blown away by what they just encountered. Be so strong that no amount of negativity can even faze you. Love who you love and fight for who you love, but don't EVER fight about why you love what you love, whether it's a career choice, a choice of your significant other or why you are the way you are ... at the end of the day, it's your choice. This life is for YOU. If they don't cloth you, feed you or finance you, they are irrelevant. Your business is your business. Period.