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Music makes my world go round. When I'm mad, sad, happy, irritated, motivated ... Music is and always has been my escape. So, on occasion, I'll be posting songs (in no particular order, date range or genre) that reflect my current vibe and swag, which may or may not be your taste, but more importantly, in hopes that you find the playlist helpful ... whether it's to get out of a funk you're in, get ready to go out with the girls, or while you're getting a workout in with the boys ... I hope my choice of tunes is music to your ears ... pun intended. 

Follow @whitchaffin on Instagram and Twitter and hashtag #whittytunes when you comment, like, share or repost a playlist or song from the playlist. 

P.S. Parental Advisory. Please note, while I am a classy female, I listen to trap music.