Dreams ... What don't they do? ... They don't work unless YOU do!

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First day of beach workouts with XPE Trainer Andrew Spruill.


So go head' ... Burn that candle at both ends while trying to grind towards your dream... It's admirable and it's the EXACT factor that differentiates where you currently are from where you ought to be.

Success doesn't happen over night and very few people ... VERY FEW ... will be able to understand your hustle. But that's ok... It's not for them to understand. Remember that... That's why you're getting what you're working for and they're still sitting there talking about it.

Go to sleep each night with a plan, wake up with a purpose and be efficient. Manage your time to benefit YOU first, them second. When your brain gets tired, say a prayer and sleep on it. All of that, is how you add some meaning to your life.

The choices you are making now will affect your life tomorrow, tomorrow's tomorrow and all the tomorrows in the years to come, so when they criticize your grind and your inability to make time for nonsense, ask em' for a résumé ... Usually the critics are the ones with no credentials and since when did their opinion pay your bills? ... ... ... Exactly.

Following your dreams doesn't mean forgetting about the little people, but if the little people aren't supporting you and instead, adding negativity and fuel to the fire, let the bridge burn. We aren't looking back unless it's to see how far we've come, so we don't need that bridge anyway! (Snaps right-hand fingers in the air)

Be nice. Be wise. Be humble. Be classy, but don't ever be afraid to go after your dreams. Look out for number one even if it means being the ONLY one who gets it.

Now, Gah-rind!


First Progress Picture 1/31/2015

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Height: 5'5
Weight (1/31/15): 152.5lbs
Goal Weight: 135lbs
Bust: 36.5
Biceps: 14
Waist: 29.5
Hips: 38
Calves: 17.5
Quads: 22.5
Shoe size: 9
Dress size: 6/8
Ambition Level: Off the Richter!